Bay Area Battle of the Bands will be Saturday, July 14 at  starting at 5pm, Main Street (Court House block) in Ashland, WI.

The 3 selected bands will compete in order selected by the rules of competition. Bands arrive at 4:15pm, Friday, July 14. We then draw the line up for that evening. The bands do not know when they will play until 4:30pm. So come on down and listen to all the bands! Judges score from the crowd as they watch the show. Crowd reaction is a large part of the scoring so on your favorite band!

Bands competing are: Reverb, West Avenue Band, Top Secret.  Then followed up by Long Gone. 

Prizes are: 1st Place – $1250.00, 2nd Place – $750.00, 3rd Place – $450.00, 4th Place – $250.00

Sponsors include: Heartland Communications Group Ashland, Synergy, Enbridge, Dr. McGillicuddy's, Jesse's Used Appliances, Kimmes Oil, Moores on Main, Cozy Corner Guitar Shop & Repair, TimeWarp TattooBernick's & the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce,