The information is for 2023 below.  We are working on 2024

Bay Area Battle of the Bands will be Saturday, July 14 at  starting at 5pm, Main Street (Court House block) in Ashland, WI.

The 3 selected bands will compete in order selected by the rules of competition. Bands arrive at 4:15pm, Friday, July 14. We then draw the line up for that evening. The bands do not know when they will play until 4:30pm. So come on down and listen to all the bands! Judges score from the crowd as they watch the show. Crowd reaction is a large part of the scoring so on your favorite band!

Bands competing are: Reverb, West Avenue Band, Top Secret.  Then followed up by Long Gone. 

Prizes are: 1st Place – $1250.00, 2nd Place – $750.00, 3rd Place – $450.00, 4th Place – $250.00

Sponsors include: Heartland Communications Group Ashland, Synergy, Enbridge, Dr. McGillicuddy's, Jesse's Used Appliances, Kimmes Oil, Moores on Main, Cozy Corner Guitar Shop & Repair, TimeWarp TattooBernick's & the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce,