3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is Back!
We have been working on this for years!!!!!
Get your friends together and form a team!
Divisions: Grades 7/8, 9-12 and Open men ages 18 and up, and Open women ages 18 and up.
Games will be played on Main Street, during Bay Days on Main this year.

Registration forms due by July 10.
Entry Fee $40
Brackets and games played dependent upon teams entered.
Awards for Championship and Consolation winners.
  • TEAM COLORS: please have one set of light shirts and one set of dark shirts to wear as a team.  No pinnies or jerseys will be available.
  • UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: no swearing, taunting, or other inappropriate behavior. Unsportsmanlike play with result in (1) verbal warning, (2) 2-minute sit out, (3) ejection.
  • GAME TIME: Games are 20-minute running time or first team to 30 points.
  • START OF GAME: a coin toss will determine first possession
  • TIME OUTS: 1 per game
  • SUBSTITUTIONS: allowed after made basket or dead ball check.
  • SCORING: 2 points inside arc, 3 points behind arc. 1 free throw (worth 2 points) awarded when player fouled in the act of shooting. If basket is made in the act, no FT awarded. Intentional fouls will result in 2 points plus possession of the ball.
  • JUMP BALLS: awarded to defense
  • OUT OF BOUNDS: half court is out of bounds. If ball goes out of bounds, possession taken at the top of the key outside the arc.
  • CHANGE OF POSSESSION: team checks after made basket at the top of the key behind the arc. Only one foot must be outside of the 3pt arc at a change of possession on a missed shot or turnover. A defensive rebound must be taken outside of the 3 pt arc.
  • TIES/OVERTIME: Ties settled with sudden death free throws. Each team receives equal opportunity to shoot free throws until one team makes one and the other misses. New shooter each time.
  • REFEREES: all games will have one adult referee.
PDF version of Bay Days 3 on 3 Basketball Rules: https://www.visitashland.com/files/3on3BBRules2021.pdf
PDF version of Bay Days 3 on 3 Basketball Registration Form https://www.visitashland.com/files/3on3BB2021.pdf